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Leisure Travel Insurance

Insurance plans for holidays up to 30 days.
If your trip exceeds 30 days,please contact us.


  • Medical & Hospitalization Expenses
  • Damage / Loss of Luggage
  • Personal Accident
  • Repatriation
  • 24hour Assistance all over the world


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Leisure Travel Insurance

Many people wished they had travel insurance when something unexpected happened during their holidays. Are you one of them?

Many small or large tragedies can happen unexpectedly.
They can ruin your holiday and drain your money.

Imagine you or your children get sick or suffer an injury while on a trip in a remote place and have to be taken to a hospital. Will your personal insurance policy cover the expensive medical bills?
Or what if you have to stay in hospital for treatment and you need a friend or a family member to fly over to take care of your children? Who will pay for these travel costs including fees to change your children’s ticket so they are taken safely back home?

Starting at 13.59 Euros*, isn't travel insurance worth it, to overcome any unplanned costs on your holidays?

Our Leisure Travel Insurance starts at 13.59 Euros* and helps you free yourself from worries during your holidays by covering you and your family if something unexpected happens during your trip.

Get Leisure Travel Insurance from Allianz Global Assistance, the world leader in travel insurance and services and leave for your holiday with fewer worries than ever.

All you have to do is enjoy your holiday and rest assured that we will take care of you and your family if life’s events get in the way.

Worldwide leisure travel insurance

...with just one phone call!

Wherever you are, all you have to do is call us here in Greece, 24/7, 365 days a year. We will handle your incident, including direct payment of all covered expenses on your behalf.

Purchase your leisure travel insurance program online today - it's only 3 steps away:

  1. Get quote for leisure travel insurance online
  2. Review offer (cost and cover)
  3. Purchase online and receive your policy via email in a few minutes

For some destinations (such as Russia and Cuba) you will need a travel insurance policy to obtain a visa. Just print your policy which is sent via email and send it to the embassy. It's simple and easy!

If you need to rent a car during your trip you might want to check our CDW insurance . If you have an accident and the car is damaged, the CDW insurance will cover the excess amount of your car rental policy, which in another case can increase your trip's budget.

* For trips up to 4 days within Europe

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Red Passport
 starting at 13.59 
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Red Passport Plus
 starting at 16.72 
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Medical & HospitalizationExpenses   30,000 €
(deductible 75 €)
150,000 €
(deductible 75 €)
Medical Transport  
Luggage   500 € 500 €
Luggage Delay   100 € 200 €
Cash Transfer  

1,000 €
(with guarantee of settlement)

5,000 € 
(with guarantee of settlement)

Personal Accident   30,000 € 30,000 €
24hour Help & Assistance  
Companion's Travel & 
Accomodation Expenses  
up to 1,250 € up to 1,750 €
Medicine Sending Abroad  
Additional Information
Deductible The amount that should be 
paid by the insured.
Covered Medical Incidents
up to 70 years old: sudden illness
and accident.
above 70 years old: only accident
Medical Expenses - Direct Payment We pay the expenses direclty.