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Best Annual Travel Insurance

Annual insurance plan for those who travel
frequently throughout the year, as long
as each trip does not exceed 30 days.


  • Medical & Hospitalization Expenses
  • Damage / Loss of Luggage
  • Cash Transfer
  • Personal Accident
  • Repatriation
  • 24hour Assistance all over the world


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Annual Travel Insurance

The Travel Insurance program for frequent travelers

Do you travel to Europe and round the world frequently throughout the year?
Are you purchasing a travel insurance policy for every trip?
If yes, you may be wasting money.

With the Annual Travel Insurance program from Allianz Global Assistance, the world leader in travel insurance and services, you can make travel for business or leisure (multi trips) within a year with only one policy.

Annual Travel Insurance benefits

With our Annual Travel Insurance program you:

  • Purchase travel insurance once and you’re covered for all your trips within one year
  • May save money compared to buying single trip policies throughout the year
  • Will benefit from coverages not available with single trip policies

  • Will free yourself from buying travel insurance every single time you travel – your travel arrangements get simpler

Purchase your annual travel insurance program online today and get your policy within a few minutes.

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 starting at 180,00 
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Medical & Hospitalization Expenses   150,000 €
Medical Transport  
Luggage   1,000 €
Luggage Delay   200 €
Cash Transfer  

5,000 €
(with guarantee of settlement)

Substitute   1,250 €
Personal Accident   30,000 €
24 hour Help & Assistance  
Companion's Travel &
Accomodation  Expenses  

up to 3,000 €
Medicine Sending Abroad  
Search & Rescue Expenses   15,000 €
Additional Information
Deductible The amount that should be 
paid by the insured. 
Covered Medical Incidents
up to 70 years old: sudden illness
and accident.
above 70 years old: only accident
Medical Expenses - Direct Payment We pay the expenses direclty.