Russia - A trip to the land of the Tsars

Russian dancers dancing a folk dance

A visit to Russia will definitely take you to another era. Known mainly for its cultural heritage, it stands out for its famous ballets, such as “Bolshoi” and “Kirov”. 

Homeland of the famous classical composer Tchaikovsky and the great writers Chekhov and Dostoevsky.


During your visit to the capital, Moscow, it is certain that your tour of Red Square and the Kremlin will take you several hours to be filled with their images. The same goes for the city’s metro, which in itself is a work of art. Marble columns and ornate chandeliers will transport you to an outstanding aristocratic and at the same time medieval setting.

Saint Petersburg

In the heart of the city dominates the Church of Savior on the Spilled Blood, which is one of its most important monuments. It was built on the spot where Tsar Alexander II was assassinated in March 1881.

Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage Museum (from the French word “hermitage”) will captivate you! Consisting of 1,000 rooms full of rare exhibits, it is definitely a critical reason to convince you that you need to visit Saint Petersburg again. It is natural, since we are referring to the largest and one of the oldest museums in the world! It has a set of works that exceeds 3,000,000 exhibits. Among other things, you will see paintings by famous artists, precious stones, books, coins, etc.

Trans-Siberian Railway

For the more adventurous, a journey of 9.3000 kilometers on the Trans-Siberian Railway, the largest railway line in the world, crossing 8 different time zones, is definitely a challenge!

Lake Baikal

An equally unforgettable experience is the visit to Lake Baikal or otherwise known as the “Blue Eye of Siberia”. It is the deepest and oldest lake in the world! Did you know that it contains more than 1/5 of the fresh water in the world and inside it there are 22 islands?!

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