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Wherever you go, we’re there

You are ready to start your trip full of positive energy. Read below some useful tips making your trip remarkable, keeping in your mind that we will be there for you!
  • Make a  note about your policy number and the 24/7 Medical Service phone number (+30) 211 10 98098 in order to keep them available once you need them. If you cannot contact us via a call, please send us your message at: medical@allianz-assistance.gr.
  •  For any issue you confront during your trip, our 24-hour Emergency Medical Assistance Team is available to assist you. In case of an emergency event, our Team may contact your family doctor and set up a meeting.
  • Do not forget your sunglasses, eyeglasses or your contact lenses (ideally don't miss to have a second pair in case it is available). A sunscreen, a lip protection and a hat are useful if you travel to a summer destination. A scarf will protect your from dust and strong winds or cold whether you visit a winter destination.
  • Do not leave your money, credit/debit cards, passport and any other important item or document into your check-in luggage.
  • Keep a copy of your sensitive documents, such as your passport or any medical prescription. It will be more convenient to replace them in case of a loss.

Consult your doctor before your trip

  • You should consult your doctor or your local medical services about any mandatory or recommended vaccination before you leave your country of residence.
  • Please be informed about any potential health risk  might take place to the destination country before your visit.
  • If you receive any medical treatment it would be better to consult your doctor for any potential medicines being compatible, in case you need them during your trip (i.e. malaria pills).
  • If you are facing a chronic desease/condition or a complex medical history, contact your doctor asking him/her for a briefly medical report (prefereably in English), where your treatment will be mentioned.
  • Keep a copy of your medical prescription where  substitute and name of each medicine will be mentioned. In this case it will be easier for you to buy the same or an equivalent one wherever you are, for any urgent case.

Make a First Aid Kit

  • This box is for any sudden event. It should be small and compact so that you can carry it on to all your trips.
  • Please check it in a yearly basis and replace any item/medicine has been expired or exposed to high temperature (i.e. hot or humid weather).
  • Please update its content based on the country you will visit considering the duration of your trip.

Advice for excessive heat exposure

  • Summer heatwave may cause significant health problems, especially for infants, young children and elderly  who are more sensitive to dehydration and sunburn.
  • Take all precautions when the heat increases, such as: drink plenty of fluids, wear light clothing, preferably light colors, avoid sun exposure from 12pm to 4pm, limit physical fatigue, prefer being in places with air conditioner. Important Notes: do not let children or elderly  alone in the car or in places that are not well ventilated, put sunscreen regularly if you are exposed directly to the sun etc.

Advice for excessive cold exposure

  • Exposure to excessive cold is dangerous. Frostbite and hypothermia are the most serious complications.
  • Feeling cold isn't related only to low temprature . You may feel cold when you are tired, wear wet clothes, unfed and exposed to the bad weather.
  • Mind out  for air conditioners installed in very hot places. Sudden changes in temperature (i.e. being from a very cold place to a hot one) might cause problems to ears, nose and throat, such as: cold, flu etc. Do not hesitate to switch off the air conditioner during the night or have an extra blanket nearby if you feel chilly.

Be aware of the sun

  • By overexposing yourself to the sun you is very harmful..
  • Protect yourself during the hours of the highest solar radiation, wear clothes to protect your skin and stay in the shade. Apply sunscreen on your body and face and refresh it frequently. Wear a hat and protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses with excellent quality lenses. Also, hydrate frequently your face in order to keep it cool.
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