Have you ever thought about booking a travel insurance or its cost? Would you like to know more about its benefits? Have you bought a travel insurance before but you didn't find enough time to read all details of its coverage? Don’t worry! We are here to help you!

It's a program that provides you with protection, covering  medical and hospitalization expenses in case of a sudden illness or an accident. Hence, it provides you safety while traveling with family and children.

Also, it protects your luggage: compensation of your checked-in luggage in case of loss, theft or damage. Even in case of  delay, for more than 6 hours, you are entitled for compensation of first need items.

Choosing our  Cancellation Travel Insurance program you will be compensated If a last minute covered event forced you to cancel your trip.

Additionally, another important benefit of travel insurance is that our assistance services are provided globally. Our travel and medical network is always available 24/7. The range of our services includes: organizing a medical case, monitoring and providing intepreter's expenses and medical file translation.

Even if your wallet is lost or you are robbed, Allianz Global Assistance will be by your side sending you money.

For further details regarding our travel insurance programs, choose the one that fits your needs and then visit our Download Center, to read its terms and conditions.

First of all, you should choose a travel insurance program according to your needs, travel plans,destination and budget. The benefits of each programs differ depending on the purpose of your trip.

Each travel insurance program has been created based on unforeseen events. However, travel insurance does not cover everything. You should read the Terms & Conditions carefully in order to make sure we provide the cover you need.

Are you travelling within Greece or abroad? You are covered by our global presence and network 24/7 with just a phone call at (+30) 211 10 98098 or email to medical@allianz-assistance.gr.


Travel Insurance is very important because it makes you feel secure during your trip in Greece. You and your travel companion may enjoy your trip safely even on an isolated greek island. The provided coverages apply to domestic trips as well as abroad.
Furthermore, Allianz Global Assistance Travel Insurance Programs cover you in case you travel by boat or train! For any further details, please contact with our Customer Service/ Sales (Monday to Friday: 09. 00'-20.30') --> tel.: 21198090, email: travel@allianz-assistance.gr.
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