Cuba - Dancing to its rhythms

Bringing to mind this particular Caribbean country, it definitely takes you to beaches full of rhythm, cocktails and crystal clear waters. 

In other words, it is the destination of the ultimate vacation!

A Cuban car on the beach


Cubans will quickly attract your interest. Their hospitality, warmth and liveliness, undoubtedly add one more reason to get to know their place. Their dancing and singing will not leave you a moment to think about the routine of everyday life that you left behind …


Starting in Havana, you will discover that the old is connected to the new. You will feel that you are living in the ‘50s and the present decade at the same time. During your tour, they will definitely make their appearance some of the classic American cars giving a different touch in combination with the colorful builings that strech along the city, a vast mosaic of colors and images will stand out in front of you.

Do not miss to visit the castles, museums and villas. In particular, the historic center of Old Havana, which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Cosmopolitan Varadero is one of the destinations you should definitely not miss, since it is inlcuded in the list of the best beaches in the world. If you are a fan of the seabed, this particular one will reveal to you many of the secrets of this country.

Santiago de Cuba

A visit to Santiago de Cuba will take you to the 2nd largest city in the country and one of the most important ports in the Caribbean. The Spanish castle of San Pedro de la Roca, which dominates there, is a typical example of Spanish architecture.


On the map of your trip, Trinidad should definitely be circled. It has been a station of frequent raids by smugglers and pirates. The historic city center has also been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Wander freely on its cobbled streets, without the presence of cars.

Cuba is definitely a destination for most people who want to experience something different. Visiting it, however, requires that you have issued a visa, of course after you have primarily booked your travel insurance.

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